Fall Season

My favorite season has to be fall. The crisp, cool, breezy air, fun times at a local cafe, fun baking times with family, and adventurous walks in the rain. I look forward to it every year. In my house we start listening to christmas music in August! I think you're starting to understand my love for the season. What’s your favorite season and what do you love to do to celebrate? My mom lights her seasonal pumpkin candles and bakes all the pumpkin treats; it fills the house with the delicious aroma. If loving anything pumpkin flavored is wrong, I don't want to be right. I especially love fall fashion; bundling up with boots, thick knitted scarves, fun sweaters, and oversized jackets. These are just a few of my favorite things. 

I started taking pictures about two years ago. I find so much joy in looking back through the pictures and reigniting the passion for life. Memories can be gone in a second. I love capturing every time we go out to the city or have a stay at home baking day. Capturing these moments will continue to keep them alive. I would encourage all of us to not just live life, but to truly appreciate the times that truly matter. I think that we should all take time to capture the adventures with friends or the family game night during a rainy day. Keep these moments alive and continue to love and savor them. 

-Hadassah Nepstad

Picture was taken by Hadassah Nepstad