Be Strong

Think of that time as a kid you dreamt of becoming a super hero or a princess. Did anyone ever tell you that that was impossible? In that moment of being told that it was impossible, they didn't know it but they were making a major impression on your confidence and crushing what could become a reality. Steve Jobbs, Walt Disney, and several other successful people were told that their dream was impossible, they were belittled, talked down upon, and challenged with so much. Look at them now, they became some of the people who made a global impact, in some way. Their dream and vision outlived them. Now a days people are pressured to make a career based on pay, not desire. There are countless of people who come home from work sighing in relief that work was done... that's reality! Many of you are pressured into going into a field of work that is the opposite of what you dreamt of doing ever since you were a kid. Think about it, dreaming doesn't mean impossible it means challenge, it's a chance to become stronger and be happy. We say Y.O.L.O but we are afraid to even face what people think is impossible. Why?! Why are you afraid to become what you dreamt of? There are excuses, which is how humans express fear, we are all afraid of failing. Walt disney went bankrupt six times! Look at his impact in the world, he has made the most globally enjoyed theme park in the world! It's only by failing that we are shaped, if we don't fail we won't learn. I know, that failing isn't easy to accept. No one is gonna kick your butt for you, you need to be a self feeder and a self learner. be proactive and just take one step, thats all you need to do to get yourself moving. In your mind you think that it's impossible, in your mind you think that you won't make it in life right, well let me ease you for a second. Its all in your head! No one is saying those things that you think they're saying, no one is judging you. You need to be confident that you can be what you dreamt of doing as a kid, be secure in who God created you to be. He knows what you need, here is the part we don't understand quite yet, He knows exactly when you need it. We want to succeed now, we want to know everything now and we want to do it now. Without the valley you wouldn't be able to handle the mountain, meaning, the process is what readies us and prepares us for the success, it equips and gets us ready for what the mountain (which represents success) has in store. We may think we are ready to succeed and bypass failure, sorry, it doesn't work like that, I can testify to that. Music involves a lot of failing and learning moments, it has shaped me to become better and I have learned to be a self learner. It may not work out the way you have planned your journey to look like. You can't look cute while climbing the mountain, as my mom would say, It's a lot of work, sweat, and tears; but you will learn to appreciate where you have come from, right now enjoy the process don't compare your valley to someones mountain. Stay focused and be humble. 

Written by Hadassah Nepstad