Be Kind

We can all relate to the time we went to a new school, church, neighborhood, city… we all remember the feeling of not knowing anyone. It’s intimidating, I know, from experience life comes with constant changes and new seasons. At a young age I experienced death stares, mean mugs and people whispering right in front of me and it really hurt. It certainly didn’t add value to the insecurities that I was dealing with. As I grew up, I started to realize that I was being the exact thing that I was intimidated and hurt by. I had to reevaluate myself. I was no better than them. What truly changed for me was that I wanted to be the good friend that I would want to have, the smile that no one gave when I was scared or nervous, the friendly welcoming person who I would want to meet in a new environment. I decided to become the change, kindness and love that I wanted to see. If we had everyone at our jobs, schools, homes and churches start to put down their differences and set aside comfortability to step out and say, “Hello, how are you,” and even a smile, it truly can spark the change in someone’s life. Your attitude dictates the atmosphere. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, it not only does something for someone else, but it does something in you. You get to choose what you get mad about, you get to choose whether you feel like smiling or not. We all make up excuses why we aren’t welcoming or kind to anyone. I get it, people can be rude and unkind and you may not see any reason you should show a little bit of kindness to others.

My dad was in a parking garage with some friends, he wasn’t really paying close attention to the road. He was talking to his friends in the car while he was making his way towards the exit. He didn’t see the other car approaching and he cut the lady off. He drove up to apologize, and while he was pulling up, she was ready to go off on him, but he kindly interrupted her and apologized and she was stunned! She replied by saying that it was okay, she smiled and drove away. I have witnessed this time and time again, people are in bad moods and expect for us to tick them off and they’re ready to go off. It truly is a test of character when you go up and just ask how someone is doing, saying hello and shining your smile. People have thanked me for my smile. It doesn’t really mean anything to you but it does something for someone who just needed a kind gesture. Even during this Christmas season, you may get caught up with the rush of things, but I encourage you to be the kindness that you want to see in your life.