The Brave Society

This site is not a feminist hub, it's not labeled as a gossip central, it's not even a place where you can find how to look or become popular. Despite what the world's form of "normal" is we were created to accomplish more than just find out how to dress the cutest or do our makeup right. We saw a desperate need of freedom in our generation and generations to come and not just in the female spectrum. We may not have it all or look as what you've expected but we all, as girls, have gone through something. Whether that be a form of insecurity, depression, loneliness, rejection or maybe you just don't know where you fit in. This is a great place for you, you belong here. We each have a story to tell to encourage and to empower one another. Most may think that the world is where it's blue against pink, gender against the other... that's not at all what we are about. We believe that everyone, both men, and women alike have a chance to be liberated in order to become who God created each of us to be. We are going to surpass all limits, we all were empowered to transcend mediocrity. You may expect girls to be emotional and quick to judge... well, that's not who we are. We like that we can all come together and share stories and encouragement. I believe that we can truly become what God designed us to be, even in this day and age. Once we put down our offenses, judgments of each other, suspicions that we may have and our ego. Think of it, we can truly live out a life that, until this point, we may have never felt possible. We can become the big sisters and brothers that little ones, who come along in our lives, are able to look up to us and instead of leaving a whole generation in the dark, share your story to encourage someone else. Society may label us and try their hardest to bring us down but in the midst of all of that we grow taller, push harder, love deeper and serve with a greater compassion. We are the Brave Society,  a free generation.


Written by Hadasssah Nepstad