We all remember when someone asks what we want to become, or what profession we wish to see ourselves master. We all can relate to that feeling, wondering why am I alive, what do I do with my life? Our thoughts run wild jumping from one conclusion to the next, if I don't understand what I should do, then what's the point? We begin to settle for average you end up settling for a mediocre and what seems to be the sensible choice. Nothing will ever truly satisfy our wonder and curiosity than knowing and truly understanding the purpose of it all. We spend many and countless sleepless nights trying to find the missing puzzle piece, pondering on the echoing question in our restless mind,"Am I the problem, is there something wrong with me? One thought leads to another. Perhaps the reason of why we can't find the answer to our question is because we can't possibly expect to find something so preciously valuable in a bad friendship, nor can it be found in an addiction that can never really satisfy.

Something this valuable and treasured probably can't be found in a broken world. What do you do when it comes to that point when we are tired of searching? The most honest question we need to ask ourselves is,"Will I compromise my destiny by accepting the thought that the mountain is to high too climb, the road is too narrow to walk, or the valley is too dark to pass through? Your breakthrough could be just around the corner from your season of hurt. Don't give up too early in life, don't be discouraged because you failed... get up and try at it again.

"Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff comfort me." psalms 23:4. Purpose is a mystery that everyone will try to say that they have the puzzle all figured out. We pray and ask God why He left us in the storm abandoned and confused. We begin to blame God for all the hurt and pain we are left with. Let me remind you, God has promised us to be the calm in the storm and the guide in the valley and the peace in the midst of confusion, hand in hand He promised to lead us through.

What hand are we holding? Meaning, are we looking to God for help, or are we looking for the world for temporary comfort? During this search for meaning God doesn't force us to hold His hand like an anxious parent wanting to make sure that we cross the road safely. We being human we have a free will to choose whose hand we choose to let go of and take a hold of. Purpose isn't  a mystery anymore once we take a hold of what is true, when the mountain comes and the darkness roles in we can step closer to God to hold his hand through it all. He is the gracious tempest in the vast and stormy sea. Our purpose is to love one another, hold each other up and comfort others who are where you once were. When we have conquered and we take that first step out from the storm we are stronger and we are able to endure much more than what we were able to before. We don't go through the trials to keep on going with our life God intends for our testimony to relate to others and to go back into the storm to walk with someone and become the friend that pushes them to keep pressing forward. Purpose remains a mystery for so many, it is nothing but an unreachable dream to discover what life really means. When we are looking in the wrong places and people, it is a incomprehensible thought. But that moment when our eyes find the goal and our hearts are beating with purpose and our mind has found truth, it all makes sense. Purpose is not found in the world, it is our birthright that was given by our creator Jesus Christ.