Coffee Shop Review

S T A T E S  

Hey, I want to do a new thing. I have been going to a lot of coffee shops, and I thought that it would be fun to share it with you all. Here present to you the first ever coffee shop review.

You need to grab a friend and visit States coffee shop in Martinez, California! States is not only a great place to get coffee, but they've also cultivated a fantastic atmosphere where the state's family are so kind, and the environment has an open space for relaxing inside or outside. I got a hot latte with oat milk, I said whole milk, but they heard wrong, so I just went with it. I was craving a sweet with less guilt I ordered one of their coconut vegan donuts. I know what you're thinking, first oat milk now a vegan donut? Let me tell you that it was surprisingly very moist fluffy and delicious. In the pictures up top it shows iced coffee, my sisters got a cold brew latte, iced black coffee with milk, and they said that it was the best that they have ever had. I am a coffee bean junkie, so I had to grab a bag of coffee beans, when you try coffee that good yeah, of course, I am buying a bag of it. Whenever you want to visit a place where you can hang with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious vegan doughnut, you will be pleased with States.