EST. 2k18

I can't believe it, 2018 has arrived! Each year has had its good memories and its fair share of not so great and magnificent ones. Looking back at 2017, it wasn't until I started college, when I began to live out a reflective life. Identifying what worked, versus what didn't, what I needed to bring an end to and what I needed to learn more of. Once we look and examine our life, it will help if we made some necessary changes to our everyday life to see the progress take place. Think about it, are we going to allow 2018 slip through our fingers, or choose to move around some priorities and decide to live in a forward motion. Wanting to be who God says I am rather than being consumed by what others suppose I should be is liberating for me; it can cause a considerable burden to lift off, allowing me to live free of trying to earn the approval of people. A lot of the time we can concern ourselves too much with what people's thoughts or judgment of us. In result of that, we can lose sight of who we are and begin to accomplish their goals for us. It will end up leaving us to regret ever giving an ear, time and energy to unwise counsel because God created us with our dreams. That is why being intentional to listening to what our Father in Heaven says of us can bring our directionless life back on course towards our destiny. I have already identified some steps that could propel me forward towards my goal. Here are some that I hope to accomplish and I know that they can inspire you to begin to write some of your own down. 
1. Read more of what God says I am, rather than filling my head with useless writings and literature that leave me confused or directionless.
2. Remove people and things that waste time and can distract from my journey.
3. Find productive relationships and healthy habits that Encourage personal growth. 
Five years from now, I don't wish to find myself circling the same mountain. Instead, I want to look back and see the explored ground and charted territory. I want to feel the equal amount of astonishment that a hiker/climber would feel at the edge of a rocky cliff looking while comparing where they started to what they accomplished. 2018 will have its learning moments that, if we allow, could be the bridge between our lack of experience and our goal. Instead of watching it pass by, make the best of it and those you spend it with. Write the book that you have dreamt of writing, paint that masterpiece that you always imagine, compose the song that's waiting to be given a sweet melody. Last years troubles are gone, take advantage of this second chance at life and make it happen! I believe in you enough to write this and share a little of my journey and outlook on this next year. I pray that your dreams do come true and that your 2018 won't be full of regrets, but overflowing with memories and accomplishments.