Goals for 2018

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K E E P                 M O V I N G   

Dreams aren’t impossible, we just make it hard to get there.
— Hadassah Nepstad

I think that we can all agree that there are times where we feel as if planning to accomplish the dream is out of reach. "Dreams are nothing but wishes when we fail to plan" (Hogan). What motivates me to keep dreaming is by igniting the drive to make it happen. By keeping other fellow dreamers close, being the encouragement to each other can set one another up to succeed. I had the pleasure to check off my one of my goals off the 2017 resolutions, which was learning how to make coffee. It was crazy how fast it happened because with a little research and practice great accomplishments can happen. I hope that you would feel encouraged to continue to chase after your short-term goals, such as coffee because even the little things have the potential to make the biggest impact.

When I sat down to write down my goals for this new year, I have to be honest, I was a little intimidated because of how much I wanted to accomplish compared to how much I have planned. I don't believe that the feeling of fear or doubt is what our Heavenly Father wants us to feel because all the dreams, in our hearts, are put there by Him. By committing to put a plan to the dream can impact it and there you go! You can check one off the list. The dreams that seem impossible are the most adventure-filled and exciting. I want to be able to impact others around me by being myself and encouraging them to feel able to be who they were created to be. So I guess I would want one of my goals to be personal development because I'm gonna be on the earth for a while and by investing time to develop personal gifts that can be the very strategy that sets me up to succeed.

The world needs people who are willing to admit to their mistakes and strive to become at least 1% better at what they do. The community around us is in fact in desperate need of individuals who have been through hardship but have been made stronger because of it. Life and its unpredictable events aren't what ultimately tears us down, perhaps it's our minds that are what have left us broken. Think of it, self-development will cultivate a stronger sense of wisdom that can equip us for anything, leaving us unbroken and unshakable. In 2018 I want to have an unshakable confidence and a brave soul. What can I do now to get there? By placing my identity in Christ and by inviting change and pressure to push me to become stronger. Most people straight arm changing environments, the truth is, is that everything in life, success, goals, dream etc are uphill. The air gets thinner and the weather changes, but those who refuse to adapt, will never be able to handle the blessing at the top. I want to feel ready and able to take on more and how I plan to get there is giving it straight to God and being careful to who I give my listening ear to in this new season. Dreams aren't impossible, we just make it hard to get there. Be adaptable and moldable to the journey that we are all called to, accept change along with transition, and enjoy the journey with encouraging, intentional and wise people. When things get tough, look up and know that your biggest supporter is cheering you on through it all.