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Hadassah Nepstad 


I love Jesus, coffee, my dog Buddy and everything fun, adventurous and creative. My goal is to one day open up a coffee shop in my hometown and be a publisher of the photography magazine of my dreams. I believe that laughing is the key to a happy life and creating is a way to bring life to the ideas inside. 

Male or female; young or old, every person has a story that offers hope and encouragement to every life it reaches
— Hadassah Nepstad

Note to Reader

Hey, I'm Hadassah Nepstad. I'm a girl from NORCAL who's passionate about life and expressing the beauty of it through writing and photography. I began my journey with just a camera and a love for writing hoping to make it into something more. I firmly believe that everyone should be confident in who they were created to be. Brave Mag is a blog filled with pictures and stories of life. With a passionate heart behind this, I hope to encourage and inspire all to be their true self.





Photo of China Town, San Francisco